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India 3rd most dangerous?…Why US could protect, but India could not!

Whenever it comes to the threats from anti-national elements, may it be terrorism or naxalism, we tend to divert the blame on outside factors. However let’s apply common sense, let’s see through the practical and very effective possible measures, because it indicates that the action is pending on you and me, hence we can shape up the results!!! Continue reading

A time for radical tax reform – Sanjeev Sanyal

There was a column by Sanjeev Sanyal in Business Standard, dated January 28, 2014. Here is response to the article.

First of all, good to see that the author taking whole Arthakranti proposal in consideration. The author has simply put forth his views with 2 separate dimensions, one of merging cash economy and the other of BTT. Sanjeev has appreciated the merging of cash economy aspect and has raised some concerns about BTT, along with note that ‘it has triggered a much-needed debate over tax reform‘. Continue reading

Ambani and poor to pay same tax, is it fair?

Context: How Arthakranti proposal does justice to poor, by removing existing tax slabs? Indirect taxes are supposed to be unjust on the ground that they make poor pay more…suppose—– income 1 lakh Rs income person— pays 10 paise tax on purchase of match box. 1 thousand income — person pays 10 paise on purchase on match box. By removing present tax structure how does Arthakranti gives better justifiable option. Isn’t Arthakranti regressive, hence inequitable? Continue reading